Vibratory Finishing

What is Vibratory Finishing?

Vibratory finishing is a process used for deburring, polishing, de-flashing, the removal of imperfections, oxidised films, scale from heat treatment, and rust on mass production.

The components are transferred into a spiral bowl with different media, liquid concentrate or weak acid. Depending on what needs to be removed. Then, the components are passed through the bowl in a spiral action which vibrates forwards and upwards, once completing the cycle it returns via an incline to the bottom.

Once the desired cycle is complete the parts are removed, the cycle time is dependent on what finish is required.

Benefits of vibro polishing

  • It can help steel with there being less chance of hydrogen embrittlement.
  • It can be a substitute for manual polishing by removing minor imperfections and improving the surface finish.

Vibratory Finishing Main Uses

For the removal of flash on zinc base die-casting it can substitute filing by hand or the purchase of a clipping tool.

For light operations or soft metals such as aluminium or zinc base die-castings a low abrasive ceramic media is used.

For heavy finishing such as deburring, grinding or removal of metal a high abrasive content ceramic media is added. The media can be supplied in different shapes to accommodate the contours of the work to be finished. To aid the media a liquid concentrate can be an additional option.

All the finishes are determined by the following criteria:

  • The abrasive content of the media.
  • The shape and size of the media.
  • The concentrate.
  • The amount of area in the bowl.
  • Process time.

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