Trivalent Chrome

What is Trivalent Chrome?

Trivalent chrome technology is much less harmful to the environment than hexavalent because the metal concentration of the solution is 50% far less and the chemicals required are more easily treated for disposal. The satin or bright nickel thickness can range from 5 – 30 microns depending on what environment the component is subjected to. The more severe the conditions the thicker the deposit of nickel and chrome is required.

A chrome finish is produced by electroplating chromium on top of satin or bright nickel, the chromium is only 0.1 – 0.5 microns thick and prevents the nickel from tarnishing.

Trivalent Chrome Finish Main Uses

Trivalent chromium is used in many industries and applications, such as:

  • kitchens and bathrooms
  • automotive
  • architectural hardware
  • brewery fittings
  • domestic appliances etc.

Trivalent Chrome Finish Benefits

From a health and safety view the process is much safer to use and the operator does not require regular health checks. In its infancy the colour and thickness was an issue but advance technology has made it compatible to hexavalent coatings, most industries are now requesting trivalent chrome on a much more regular basis.

To Which Substrates Can I Apply Trivalent Chrome?

The electroplating of nickel and trivalent chrome onto brass, steel, stainless steel, zinc base die-castings and aluminium helps protect the base material from corrosion and enhances the appearance by producing an aesthetically pleasing finish.

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