Centreless Polishing

What is Centreless Polishing?

Midlands Polishing offers centreless polishing as a type of service specifically designed for tubes or cylindrical components.

How Does Works?

The work is passed through either an abrasive linishing band to remove surface marks or polishing mop to buff/brighten the surface and a roller. The roller is set at an angle to allow the part to pass through its whole length automatically.

It is best practise when using a coarse abrasive to finish with a fine grit prior to mopping to avoid “linishing lines” this is a term used when the lines from the abrasive band have not been removed prior to mopping.

Our Capabilities (Commercial Only)

We have facilities to centreless polish lengths of up to 1.8 metres

For expert advice or for more information please call +44 (0)1902 421 174 or email sales@midlandpolishing.co.uk